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FreeSpace is a company
that helps businesses find software developer talent while being completely transparent.

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At FreeSpace, we assist you in forming your own remote engineering team that delivers entire business solutions. Desktop, mobile & web application development, Cloud services, DevOps, Data Analytics, IoT, Windows & Linux development and Embedded Systems are just a few of the services that our professionals provide. FreeSpace is dedicated to matching you with highly skilled software professionals.

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Engineers in our talent pool

DevOps Engineer

To manage and maintain your cloud environments, our engineers employ industry best practices and tools.

Back-End Developer

Our Back-End team has experience on multiple technologies to provide you with the best server-side web application logic.

Cloud Engineer

Our cloud engineers preforms technological duties associated with cloud computing, including design, planning, management, maintenance and support.

Full Stack Engineer

Our Amazing Engineers create custom software that allows you to run your company the way you want.


Data Scientists

To keep you ahead of the competition, our team use Artificial Intelligence to boost growth, cut costs, and create innovative products.

Database Engineer

Our DB Engineer help you design and monitor complex databases, and make sure that your database is operational and provides valid and relevant data.

Front-End Developer

Our team provides the best design, technology and programming to code your website’s appearance.

Embedded Systems Engineer

Our embedded systems engineer is responsible for your design, development, production, testing, and maintenance of embedded systems.


To provide a positive and cohesive user experience for your business, Our team use interactive and visual design principles on websites and web applications.

Our Vision

Freespace believes transparency is critical for the following reasons

  • Client firm and software developers have a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Cost-effective employment of exceptional talent.
  • Improved talent retention.
  • No additional hidden cost for clients.